October 16-17 , November 25-26 / KÁPTALANTÓTI



We look forward to welcoming you on this magical ceremony in the middle of the beautiful hill of the Káli Basin. We truly believe that nothing is a coincidence and that souls with similar vibrations always attract each other. We are all here to celebrate the deepest levels of human existence.

There are no masters or students in this soul family, we are all participating in our best knowledge to help each other to awake our own unique healing powers.

Before the ceremony, we will hold a joint meditation, and there will be a discussion where everyone can pose their questions. We will share our personal experiences about what to expect physically, emotionally and mentally. During the “ceremony”, everyone receives a strong energy cleansing to unblock the stucked energy channels.

There are ‘first time-travelers’ among you, so we would like to ask you to strictly follow a 72h vegetarian diet. Do not eat any spicy or too fatty food and please do not consume alcohol or smoke any cigarettes before. It is important because this way the plant will be able to exert its maximum effect.

4-5h before the ceremony you can consume a light breakfast (oatmeal, tea, fruits, but no! bread)

You will be in a very safe environment, where wonderful healings are always happening, both physically and mentally and the environment is always very cheerful and loving. You do not need to worry. There will be music, depths, beautiful inner journeys and a lot of sweet, smiling people 🙂

Please think about what you want to ask from the “spirit of the plant” before the ceremony. The “plant” always knows what resonates best with a person in a given state of consciousness, so it’s worth preparing at least one question/request.


Day 1: Arrival 15h (In order to reduce the cost of gas, we can match you up with other guests)
Ceremony starts at 16h

Day 2: We will held the closing ceremony after a delicious breakfast. Later we will enjoy hiking in the beautiful forest.


The retreat will be held in a beautiful traditional house complex surrounded with greenery and vast forests. The panorama of this magical place is breathtaking. Here you can truly reconnect with nature and yourself. On the land you will find hidden spots where you can just sit and wonder, make offerings to spirit nature, enjoy the bonfire or the panoramic sauna or just sit silently and find harmony within yourself. The house has an extraordinary design where the modern elements of comfort melts into the mystical.


  • Wooden Sauna
  • Fireplace


Healthy and organic food is a part of the retreat experience. The cuisine is simple and delicious. According to our shamanic diet, we will experience a local vegetarian cusine.

*If you are on a special diet, please bring a survival kit. You can expect a vegetarian menu.


  • Sunset walk
  • Sauna
  • Hiking


  • 1 night of accommodation
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Shamanic ceremony


  • Transport to Káptalantóti


  • Notebook and pen
  • Bath suit (if you wish to use the sauna)
  • Light and comfortable clothing
  • Light blanket to cover yourself in the ceremony
  • Your creative spirit
  • Peace and smile


460 EUR PP

  • 30% deposit must be paid to secure your reservation.

Max # Guests: 10

*Our regular guests are entitled to 10% discount.

* Prices based on shared dormitory occupancy.

** Places are limited, so if you wish to secure your place, please send a deposit latest 21 Days of retreat start date.

  • The deposit is non-refundable if the booking is cancelled of your part. If the retreat is cancelled of the part of Samsara, your full deposit will be refunded.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid by cash or bank wire latest 7 Days of retreat start date.

Please contact us for payment options