Bernand Simon, France

Bernand Simon, France

January 22nd, 2022


#rebuild yourself

I got myself into a state of mind when I was scared to take any step really. I felt stuck and I didn’t know why. I wasn’t able to do any of my hobbies. And how crazy is that if someone does not do what he loves. It felt very strange and I had also difficulty to spend a time with myself. I was looking online for possible somutions to my problem. I tried hypnosis, didn’t help at all. I tried some more of different healers, but I still could force myself to do anything besides my work routine and hanging out my friends. It seemed as I lacked motivation of doing anything besides stuff I needed to. And I wasn’t able to to get out of this strange state, nor I couldn’t understand what caused it. Finally, I met Lily who told me that I have created blockages that created many fears. Even a fear from a fear haha. She started to work on me and after a while I found myself to be my old self. I started to read books again, sing and exercise. I’m happy that I found her. She is a very nice person and as a healer she knows what she is doing. Recommend her to the infinity and beyond.


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