Bernand Simon, France

Bernand Simon, France

January 22nd, 2022


#rebuild yourself

I had a sceptic personality throughout my life but I felt stuck in my mind and feeling depressed for more than 7 years . I wanted to try some alternative healing  methods. I tried different healers, but I still couldn’t  force myself to do anything besides my work and basic daily routine. I ‘ve lacked motivation of doing anything besides stuff I needed to.  Finally, I met Lily who told me that I have created energy blockages due to a trauma in my past and that fear and running program of my mind kept me prisoner of my own body and emotions.  She used her energy decoding healing system on me and also she made me understand the underlaying cause of my  problem. I started to train my brain through her meditation techniques as well .. and the magic happened. One day I woke up again feeling energized.. I felt again gratitude towards life.  I started to read books again, sing and exercise. I still have my lows sometimes like anyone, but I feel that my well being 80 % approved !!I’m happy that I found her. She is a very nice person and as a healer she knows what she is doing. Recommend her to the infinity and beyond.


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