Chloe Monet

Chloe Monet

May 16th, 2021


#special experience

I’ve met Lili on a journey around the world. I was searching for my destiny like in a Big Book of Life. Lili and I have spent 1,5 month together in India. She has literally changed my life. Lili is funny, teaching with ease and so joyful. She had an extraordinary life, you could feel how she vibrates all the knowledge she discovered throughout her experiences. I could just listen to her day and night.

We have kept in contact and today each time I need guidance, I do a few sessions with her. I love the Silva ultramind method and her self growth programs. Each time I am stucked in my life, she is there to help. The best part is that I enjoy every session, it is fun and always feels to be in the flow of state in mind. I recommend her with all my heart if you need soul or body healing or you are simply stuck in your life. Lili, I am so happy to know you!


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