Cyrille Dubois

Cyrille Dubois

May 16th, 2022



I was impressed by the knowledge I received from Lili. I do meditate myself since 10 years but I was new to the Silva method. A friend of mine who is living in Bali recommended Lili to me. I am continuously having online sessions with her and I couldn’t be more greatful to learn from her. Thanks to her guidance I have mastered the Silva technique and yes it works ! In the beginning It has turned my life upside down so much that It even scared me. But Lili was calming me and explaining  that everything has to fell out from my life what I do not resonate with so I can grow into the new me. To a higher version of me. She said , when anything strange happens even a destruction in my life, I have to accept. To tell you the truth, It was not easy. My life was getting heavy.

I broke up with my life partner I struggled with in the past 4-5 years and I had a car accident where I ended up in a month of hospital care. But hell yes, she was right! I started a new relationship where I couldn’t be happier. I’ve met my future wife in the hospital during my recovery thanks to my accident. With my ex we became  good friends. My ex wife also found an amazing life partner  and we are in peace not only for our kids sake but for our well being as well. Thanks to the trauma and the accident, I’ve  changed completely my business approach and It became so successful that I have more and more free time for myself to do what I really want. Also I was suffering from chronic headache since my 20s and It disappeared for good.

I combined Lili’s Silva and quantum healing program. If I can suggest something: do not be afraid on your new journey, just rock it! Lili is like an invisible hand guiding, you can trust her and rely on her. I really really recommend her sessions if you want real self development in your life. Thank you Lili, you have changed my life for good!


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