Giovanni Marino

Giovanni Marino

February 28th, 2022


#life journey

I can only say , It is an amazing experience! You must meet Lily, it will change your life. What I like about her that she explains that nothing is magic or abracadabra when she heals. I’ve understood very well with my rational mind her healing program and I could easily follow. I also fancy about her that she does give you the knowledge how to heal yourself. She wants people to learn techniques which are simple to apply. I found It great as most healers I visited just wanted more and more money to heal but they never granted me the knowledge to do It on my own.

I am a mathematician so my beliefs in alternative methods started to grow only after my heart surgery. Thanks to Lily, today I understand that everything around us is made of energy and we can manipulate that energy with our consciousness. After my surgery my body was very weak and I was on a low mode in every sense. I think I gave up on happiness. But working with her it has changed all. My healing accederates day by day and I found exactly my life goal thanks to Lili’s self growth program. She kept my depressed mind busy with all her home works. After 5 months my depression disappeared! I am using the money of my health insurance to travel the world and I feel in harmony again. I want to live… and I feel like a child again. Go for it, It is all I can say. Grazie mille Principessa!


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