Kika Sondorova, France

Kika Sondorova, France

March 2nd, 2019


#mind-blowingly fulfilling

Almost 2 years ago I endured strong emotional shock that has led to chronical inflammation inside of my body. I have been taking NES drops that are helping a body to healf itself due to quantum therapy, but after almost 2 years of this tratement I wasn’t still cured completely and my symptons were always returning. Then I met Lili and told her about my problems. She could sense immediately where excatly is my inflammation. She started to draw some symbols in the air and I felt this chilling on my skin and this force of intelligent energy all aroud my body. It was something I have never experienced before. It was so powerful, I felt the healing process and my pain was just gone ! From the next day, I have felt my symptons were fading. I felt better day by day and now I can finally function normally, as a healthy human beeing. I am very greatful for her help. Therefore I recommend her healing abilities to everyone!


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