Martin Scholtz, Germany

Martin Scholtz, Germany

August 16th, 2021


#life journey

There is an absolut must to write this review. I was having issues with my mental well being as I have endured a lot of pain in my life. Since I woke up till I fall asleep, I was having millions of destructive thoughts. I was imagining my future only in bad light and I couldn’t see a possibility of a peaceful outcome. My good friend recommended me a healer as I was always very open minded. I contacted Lili with my issue. She said that she can help me and I was full of hope. And she really did! She unblocked something inside of me that was holding me back from positive thinking. Nothing happens over night and after 1 session I haven’t felt differently. But after each healing, I was having less and less negative thoughts and if there were some, I could simply change them through applying Lili’s technique . Today I live a life what I could never dreamt of before. Never feel ashame to ask for help when you feel down. Always be open minded. As Lili would say, you  attract into your life what you resonate with and you can always tune your frequency higher to experience abundance in all aspects of Life. I am very grateful to Lili and her amazing skills. God bless people like her.


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