Martin Scholtz, Germany

Martin Scholtz, Germany

August 16th, 2021


#life journey

There is an absolut must to write this review. I was having issues with my mental well beiing as I have endured a lot of pain in my life. I felt like a prison in my own head. Since I woke up till I fell asleep, I was having milions of destructive thoughts. There was no place to hide, because you can’t run from yourself. Each tought in my mind was very negative. I was imagining my future only in bad light and couldn’t see a possibility of happiness. My good friend recommended me a healer as I was always very open minded. I contacted Lily with my issue. She said that she can help me and I was full of hope. And she really did! She unblocked something inside of me that was holding be back from poritive thinking. Nothing happens over night and after a session I haven’t felt differently. But as I woke up I could notice BIG difference between yesterday me and today me. Each day after a healing, I was having less and less negative thoughts and If there were some, I could simply send them away, which was not possible for me before. I am very grateful to Lili and her amazing skills. God bless people like her.


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