Natasha Stone

Natasha Stone

April 3rd, 2022


#rebuild yourself

I and my husband had 8 sessions with Lili. We were very curious to learn about the Silva Ultramind system as my father used to learn this method and he archived amazing results in his life as a business man. He used to study it in the 60’ s I believe, It was a big trend back then. Unfortunately I couldn’t learn it before he passed.

I am a healthy person, 46 yo but me and my husband had relation issues since a long time and  I was also stuck with my career.

We were both feeling lost and this was one of our main reason to spend 3 months in Bali.

The first encounter with Lili went really smooth. She is very kind but also straight forward, she is not a person who will say what you want to hear. But she could sense all the roots of our problem with my husband. The first session was free of charge which I liked as we were not sure if Lili’s sessions will help us. After 1,5h talk with her, we went home to digest what we heard. After 3 days  of thinking, finally we engaged in a 8 sessions self development and Silva method program with her. And It was an extraordinary experience!! I would never think that it will help us to change our lives. My husband was very sceptic and I felt that he might drop out but Lili could keep his interest. Today, my controlling husband keeps on meditating once a day. He also started to work on his past traumas after so many years denying them. He became happier and more balanced. We were struggling with our relationship since 7 years , almost at the edge of breaking up. But after our trip to Bali, we started to get to know each other again. We finally laugh instead of fighting . We share. And we grow together. I am applying the Silva method twice a week in my life. It is truly changed my reality. Since the sessions with Lili and our returning to Europe, I’ve changed my job. I did quit the job I hated for 10 years and had the courage to start my own business. And within 6 months, my new business is working and I am making money with what I truly like! I am so happy for my trip to Bali and meet with Lili to set me on my journey. Thank you, truly!! I recommend to anyone who is wishing to discover their true selves and ready to change!


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