Terms & Conditions



Payments are refundable with written notice up to 46 days prior to retreat start date, minus 250 EUR non-refundable registration expense.
With written notice up to 46 days prior to retreat start date, payments may be transferred to another Yoga-Art retreat program occurring within the following 12 months.
No refunds or transfers for any payments will be provided within 45 days prior to retreat start date.


Credit card, Debit card, Bank Wire Transfer.
All payments are processed online through PayPal. You don’t need to join PayPal to make payments. Simply enter your payment information.
To process your payment through Bank Wire Transfer please contact Yoga-Art.


Yoga-Art reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary by our team. In the rare case of a cancellation on the part of Yoga-Art we will offer a transfer to another trip or a full refund of your funds. Yoga-Art is not responsible for any expenses or damages incurred as a result of trip cancellation including preparation costs, airline tickets, travel documents or other expenses.
Yoga-Art reserves the right to cancel any trip prior to departure in the event that there are too few people booked in which case you will be given a full refund of any and all payments made to Yoga-Art. You will not be entitled to claim any additional amounts or seek any compensation for any injury, loss, expenses or damage (either direct or consequential) or for any loss of time or inconvenience which may result from such cancellation (including but not limited to visa, passport and vaccination charges, or departure, gear purchases, airport and airline taxes).


Yoga-Art suggests each traveler to purchase individual travel insurance for their trip. You must purchase travel insurance that includes medical coverage.


It is the responsibility of each traveler to obtain all required travel documents including Visas and other travel documents.
If you have any questions, please contact Yoga-Art for more detailed information regarding your trip requirements.


Even though Yoga-Art takes all the necessary caution to secure each individual’s health during the retreat, throughout the trip, participants are responsible for their own safety.
Yoga-Art retreats sometimes are in remote places, oftentimes many hours from medical facilities. Transportation and medical care can be delayed; communication can be limited or not available.

Yoga-Art can not be held responsible for any injury, weather disasters, death, loss of personal property, or any risks or danger.