We are very happy to have you for this mystical and adventurous journey. If you are reading this, it means that we are already connected on a certain level of consciousness.

Please take your time reading the following in order to have a deeper understanding of this mutual awakening.

So what is Yoga-Art?

Yoga-Art offers meditation & creativity-lead retreats on multiple locations, worldwide. Our retreats are hidden from society and surrounded by nature.

In the Yoga-Art team you will find yogis, artists, philosophers, shamans, healers, self explorers & travellers of every sort…We are here as a family to share our dreams with you. If you feel like connecting to our INNER-NET, please note:

  • Yoga-Art doesn’t follow religions nor does it seek followers. It is a deep encounter of friends & soul-mates. What we are seeking is a group of connected souls who wish to grow and learn together.
  • Yoga-Art follows the only truth of being ONE. We are all connected & we are all ONE. We express our higher self and the connection of the Universe with the art of living:




In the retreats you can develop a higher consciousness, practice yoga and participate in art programs such as painting, dancing, sound healing and many other creative art forms.

What are the teachings of Yoga-Art?

Nowadays, we can find so many different types of yoga classes that it is easy to get lost in the jungle. The spiritual supermarket is huge. But how can you decide what is the best for you? How can you find the right “guru”? Above all, what are you seeking for? God? The unknown? Peace? Oneness? Your higher self?

Yoga-Art is the mixture of many practices and disciplines such as Nidra yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Tantric yoga, Shamanizm, Sufism, automatic writings, Zen-Buddhism, dancing, painting, photography, music and many sorts of active meditation. Experiencing all this under the same roof can be puzzling at first but you must understand that all of our paths are different. We are all individual beings with individual needs.

Yoga-Art believes that the only true teacher can be yourself. We inspire you to get rid of your comfort zone and throw yourself into the abyss. You will be able to open the door of a beautiful secret garden and connect to your own inside master.
Following your own curiosity is a better method of exploring the world than any other methods offered. Your body is your own laboratory and your mind is a worker in that laboratory. The only experience that counts is your own experience. Yoga-Art will inspire you to develop your awareness and became the master of your own life.

Our masters are the biggest students. We simply wish to create something beautiful without ego and personal targeting.
To understand the sacred art of living, it is very important to find the closest meditation techniques specifically conducive to your personal growth. We propose individual techniques for all different types of spirits. We will encourage you to connect with your inside master and choose the closest technique to follow up with personal development.

How can you connect to your Inner Master?

Well, the Road is endless. The truth is that we live so long that we figure out that what surrounds us is a “scam”. We eventually come to the overwhelming conclusion that what we are working for isn’t worth having, we realize that our scientists have no clue what is going on, that all organizations are corrupted by ambition, that nothing lasts…. Everything is an illusion reflected through our ego.
We live in a never-ending circle and our ego has a hard time accepting it. Your ego fights back; ego can be your only enemy creating fear and an unbalanced life around you. Ego can give you false understanding of who you really are.

But what does ego really mean?

Ego is an identity of our own construction, an identity which is false. If we take all the beliefs of what we are – beliefs about our personality, talents, and abilities – we have the structure of our ego. These talents, abilities and aspects of our personality will be attributes of our skills but the mental construct of our “self” is artificial. And while this description might make the ego seem like a static thing, it is not. Rather it is an active and dynamic part of our personalities playing an immense role in creating emotional drama in our lives.
When we have thoughts about our self that we agree with we construct a self-image. The kinds of thoughts that contribute to the ego structure are:

‘ I’m not good at this.’

‘ My freckles make me ugly.’

‘ Nobody likes me.’


‘I am smart.’

‘ I am better than you.’

‘ I hate you.’


The ego hides behind the “I” and “me” in those declarative thoughts and statements about our identity. Ego creates fear and an unbalanced emotional system. Until we identify ourselves with the ego , we will experience pain and unhappiness.

We have spent years building our ego self-images, living inside of them and reinforcing them. Extracting our genuine self out of this matrix of false beliefs will take more than a few days. Anyhow, things worth doing take time and practice. Yoga-Art will help you to identify your ego to balance your inner peace. You will be able to open the door of your unconscious system where you can heal your mind, body and soul. You will be free from emotional and physical burdens forever.

How to build a new Self-knowledge ?

The only goal is freedom. Freedom from the ego , from the past, from karma, from the traps of the mind, from suffering. When we are freed of the influences of the past, we experience a true present. And from that flows healing, joy, gratitude and an unbounded future.
To free our spirit, we have to learn to live the present time. Yoga-Art will guide you through the necessary steps to free your spirit from any unnecessary burdens. You will become the magician of your own life.

Where can you attend our courses?

Our classes are held on different countries such as: Indonesia, Morocco, France, Hungary, Spain, Peru, India, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Australia… Our retreats are hidden from society and surrounded by nature but we make sure the biggest comfort possible is granted to the body.
You will be able to explore mysterious ancient sites, charming colonial towns, gorgeous landscapes, delicious cuisine, world-class spas, remarkable indigenous wisdom. Every country has very different energy levels though. We therefore adopt individual schedules and itineraries for each. Please check our calendar for the dates.

To whom do we propose yoga-art ?

We wish to encounter with anyone who seeks the sacred art of living. You can be a doctor, scientist, lawyer, physicist, pilot, florist, shoemaker, teacher, ski instructor, artist, self explorer… Do not matter if you seek the same thing. You seek yourself.
The retreats are available to individuals, couples and groups. No yoga experience is necessary for the retreat. However our groups are limited. We work with a member ship of 10 to 20 people to be able to give the best attention to everyone.

The groups receive very serious inner teachings. It demands extreme concentration. For this reason our meals are strictly vegetarian. By your personal choice you do not need to be a vegetarian in your every day life but during the retreat we demand that you follow a vegetarian diet.

Our teachers are highly qualified and devoted souls. Our groups are joyful, we love to have fun and be open-minded to exchange thoughts.

What are the benefits of Yoga-Art?

  •  Improves your flexibility
  •  Builds muscle strength
  •  Perfects your posture
  •  Prevents cartilage- and joint breakdown
  •  Protects your spine
  •  Increases your blood flow
  •  Lowers your blood pressure
  •  Helps you focus
  •  Relaxes your system
  •  Maintains your nervous system
  •  Helps you sleep deeper
  •  Boosts your immune system’s functionality
  •  Prevents IBS and other digestive problems
  •  Gives you peace of mind
  •  Increases your self-esteem
  •  Eases your pain
  •  Builds awareness for transformation
  •  Heals your relationships
  •  Increases your creativity
  •  Helps you to find your inner balance
  •  Heals your heart and soul
  •  Rebuilds your life
  •  Rebuilds your connection with yourself

Any question?

Before your arrival, you will be assisted with all the necessary information about your accommodations, arrival and departure information, packing list, suggestions, etc.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, whatever pops into your mind at We will be pleased to make you as comfortable as possible.

Well dearest soulmate, if you feel that you want to be part of something adventurous and beautiful, your journey is just about to start. Feel free to open the door and fly with us.


Lili K.